22 - 23 August, 2018 | Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Sydney, Australia
Speaker Information:

Aurelie Ryan

Head of Compliance

9:50 AM How Australia and Singapore have Differed in Their Regulatory Approach to AML/CTF

In order to better understand regulatory changes within the Australian Financial Crime landscape, it is important to contextualise them within international trends. With Singapore being listed as one of the 25 most systematically important financial centres in the world, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has been pivotal in keeping the island-state free of financial crime. Ranking 5th in the world on the Corruption Perception index, and with a 95% conviction rate for corruption trials since 2007, Singapore has an international reputation for an iron-fisted approach to tackling financial crime. This session will examine the regulatory environment in Singapore, and look at the lessons to be learnt by the Australian AML/CTF community from our regional neighbours.

  • Comparing and learning from varied regulatory environments
  • Examining international approaches to AML/CTF regulation
  • Better understanding the international impacts of financial crime

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